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  • Lineage: Heirloom Afghani 
  • Type: Feminized Photoperiod
  • Dominance: Pure Indica
  • Filial Generation: S1
  • PVI (Phenotypic Variation Index): low
  • Indoor Flower Time: 50-60 days
  • Outdoor Harvest Date: mid to late Sept
  • Trellising Requirements:  none
  • Height/Stretch: very low to low
  • Yield (per sf):  above average
  • Color: ripens to deep purple
  • Nose:  sour grapes, fuel, ripe strawberry, skunk
  • Effects: Surprisingly uplifting for an indica.  Very long lasting effects but not overwhelming

Product Info


  • From our recent Instagram post. “It’s a good story, a classic tale from the Emerald Triangle that I’ve heard many iterations of. The first part is true because I was there. About 5 years ago I was picking up a variety of clones at a nursery facility in Willow Creek. This was in the early days of compliant cannabis and the facility was nothing more than a row of rusty shipping containers packed full of shelving and lights with shoddy wiring. I was making my choices, weaving in and out of the containers and asking the gentleman who was showing me around what his favorite variety was. He looked around nervously and grumbled to me. ” Hands down the best strain in this whole facility is the heirloom Afghani but I’m told by my bosses I’m not allowed to give it out” He then went on to tell me that the strain had come from his deceased buddy who has originally traveled to Afghanistan in the ’70s on a several month strain collection hunt. The Man ended up passing away and his buddy, the guy I’m talking to, had retrieved the genetics shortly after. After making my choices we loaded up my vehicle. Just as I was pulling out the man came out of a shipping container with a paper bag in his hand. He quickly whisked it into my window and said “my bosses can go fuck themselves. This should be shared and not hoarded. Please just promise me to get it out and share the genetics”. After growing it, we knew exactly why they were trying to hoard this strain. The purest of Indica I have ever experienced. It’s short and stout and bushy and ripens in September. Outdoors it turns totally. Purple. The smell is indescribably complex, like a melange of kush and candy. We finally got it into production and fems will be available very soon. We call it Humboldt Afghani. This is truly something unique and we are proud to share this piece of Emerald Triangle heritage with the world!”  

Tips from the Grower

  • Tips from the grower: A classic Indica, Humboldt Afghani takes her time in the vegatative stage by stacking a remarkable amount of nodes in a small area.  Once in flowering, she goes into hyper-drive and the flowers grow fast and get huge.  She loves lots of root space and generous feeding but be careful with nutrient buildup.  Trellising is almost never required due to the stocky nature of the plants.  This is the earliest ripening variety in the entire Twenty20 lineup. 


  • A great cultivar with a great story:  We were lucky to be gifted a few clones back in 2015 by a friend of the man who had originally traveled to Afghanistan to collect the seeds.  This variety is a perfect example and closely related to many of the purple indicas and purple kush’s that were common in the Emerald Triangle in the 80’s and 90’s.  The flavor and smell of these legacy genetics are really out of this world!

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Twenty20 Mendocino

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Flowering Time

50-60 days

Seeds Per Pack

10 seeds, 3 Seeds, 6 Seeds

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