The Cali Connection – FRUIT CUP – 6 Feminized Seeds



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  • Sex: Feminized
  • Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies x Purple Punch
  • Flowering Time: 65-69 Days
  • Yield: 200-280 gpsm

Product Info

Step into a world of fruity delight with Fruit Cup – a strain that lives up to its name and offers a symphony of fruity flavors, born from the fusion of Girl Scout Cookies and Purple Punch. This enchanting hybrid is like a stroll through an orchard, where the flavors of lavender, citrus, mint, and chocolate hash intertwine in a dance of sensory delight. Get ready to cultivate a plant that’s impressive in structure, rewarding in yield, and a true treat for your senses! Growing Fruit Cup is like stepping into a botanical paradise where flavors bloom and colors flourish. Imagine a plant that’s not only great in structure but also becomes a true spectacle in its later stages of flowering. It’s like the plant is teasing you with the promise of a vibrant and colorful display that’s as beautiful as it is bountiful. And when it comes to appreciation, Fruit Cup will love you for topping her and guiding her to grow out sideways – creating a full, lush plant that rewards you with solid yields and a burst of colors. As for rewards, Fruit Cup’s yields are a testament to her heritage and growth tendencies. It’s like the plant is saying, “Watch as I transform into a bounty of flavors and colors, all thanks to my lineage and the care you’ve provided.” But the true star of the show is the flavor – Fruit Cup is like a symphony of lavender, citrus, mint, and chocolate hash notes, wrapped in a smooth floral embrace. It’s like your taste buds are indulging in a delicate dance of flavors that leave your palate in a state of pure delight. The experience is long-lasting, a testament to the depth of her delicate flavor. And when it comes to extracts, prepare for fragrant delights with a terpene profile that’s truly unique, creating extracts that are as captivating as they are aromatic. So, my fellow flavor explorer, get ready to welcome Fruit Cup into your garden. Cultivate her with care, watch her flourish, and savor the journey that’s all about fruity delights, vibrant colors, and a terpene experience that’s out of this world. Your garden is about to become a haven of fruity wonders and fragrant beauty that’ll leave you in awe of nature’s artistic palette!

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The Cali Connection

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Flowering Time

65-69 Days

Seeds Per Pack

6 Seeds / Pack

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