Ronin Garden – THE RIPPLE AUTO F4 – 5 Feminized Autoflower Seeds



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  • Sex: Feminized
  • Lineage: Bum Wine x (Grape Crinkle x Tyrone Stomper)

Product Info

I’d like to introduce you to The Ripple. Cuz it ain’t no party without the Ripple!

This project has been years in the making. It started back when Daz from Night Owl hooked me up with some Grape Crinkle x Tyrone Stomper beans he had recently made. At the time I was running some Bum Wine and knew that would make a potent combo. I ran a grip of seeds and was lucky to have a huge frosty male make an appearance. I made the cross and then the beans sat in the vault for a few years. Fitting in runs in between other projects and working with regular beans added to the timeline. I finally locked in what I felt to be a balanced combination of all parent strains involved by the f3 generation. The making of the f4 feminized generation went quickly as each plant in the run was a potential candidate to move the line forward. The reversal donor had incredible structure along with amazing frost-covered male flowers. As I stated each plant in the feminized run was outstanding. Each had an amazing terp profile that carried on through into the f4 gen.

A little Bum Wine mixed with some Grape Crinkle and Tyrone Stomper makes a hell of a strain. Just like the Bum Wine’s of the 70’s, partake sparingly. Too much may have unexpected consequences. Plants have a great lower branch structure which makes it perfect for low stress training and scrogging. It does have thin branches so support will definitely be needed. There is no shortage of flavor or resin coverage. The Ripple is a great candidate for concentrates and hash. Flavors can range from shoe polish paste to funky fruit smelling chemical cleaner.

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Ronin Garden

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Auto Flower





Flowering Time

75 days



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5 Seeds / Pack

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