Pure Breeding – HINDU ROOTBEER – 5 Feminized seeds



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  • Sex: Feminized
  • Lineage: (RootBeer x GMO) x (RootBeer BX x Hazy Kush)
  • Collab with Green Bodhi

Product Info

RootBeer does exist! Theres been a bunch of hype about the infamous RootBeer variety that nobody can get their hands on, well I certainly know its real. Thanks to Mean Gene From Mendocino and SkunkTek we were given a RootBeer x GMO x RootBeer BX breeder cut directly from them! This variety is not only absolutely beautiful with looks and colors but she smells absolutely delicious with definite RootBeer terpenes. This variety ices out without a doubt, so it only made sense to cross her into something special to create something special.

We decided to take our elite RootBeer hybrid cut and get her pollinated by something the community couldn’t keep their hands off of! We chose to use  the one and only Hazy Kush! Hazy Kush is a beautiful trichome covered, heavy yielding, sweet pineapple and haze smelling variety from Green Bodhi / Green Bodhi Genetics! John from Green Bodhi and I decided to do a collaboration together so he sent me feminized pollen from his breeder cut of Hazy Kush!

If your looking for fire with tons of flavor you need to grab this cross FAST! Even if you don’t have room in your grow room I would suggest collecting these because they’re RARE and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good!

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Pure Breeding

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Flowering Time

9 weeks

Seeds Per Pack

5 Seeds / Pack

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