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  • Lineage: Vanilla Frosting x Sol Mate Auto
  • Dominance: Indica/Sativa: 60% 40%
  • Smell: Vanilla and Gas / Burnt Rubber
  • Flavors: Vanilla and Creamy Coffee
  • Appearance: Huge green frosty buds, sturdy vigorous plants
  • Effects: Super stoney
  • Harvest Planning: “Sprout to Harvest 80-90 days”
  • Growth: High yielding, flowers are dense, trichome covered and productive
  • Average Cannabinoids*: Total 25-28% THC 20-25% CBG N/A% CBD N/A%Performance: Greenhouse/High, Outdoor /High, Indoor /Medium

Product Info

  • So you’re thinking Autos aren’t as good as photoperiod strains? Be prepared to have your mind changed by our Vanilla Latte Autoflower! This is another one of our “cross breed to auto” creations made from Vanilla Frosting and our Sol Mate Auto. The Vanilla Frosting was one of the winners of our 2018 10k plant phenotype mega-hunt and was listed in Leafly’s top six strains of 2020. With this new Vanilla Latte Auto we’ve captured all the wonderful qualities, flavor and high THC that made Vanilla Frosting explode in the Cali market while providing the ease and vigor of an autoflower type. This process takes us around four generations to perfect. The wide chunky buds that autos are known for actually make the Vanilla Latte look really good in a nug jar. This is one of the first autos that we’re endorsing for California licensed farmer to grow for their top shelf line up, rather than pre-rolls or extraction material. Great for the basement, backyard or even the balcony, we’re so excited to share our Vanilla Latte that we’ve even got the jitters!

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Humboldt Seed Company

Strain Name



Auto Flower




Indica Dominant

Flowering Time

8-9 weeks

Seeds Per Pack

10 Seeds / Pack

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