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  • Sex: Regular
  • Lineage: Sri Lankan x Original Thai (extinct) x Acapulco Gold x (South African x Original Haze)

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M2 is the ultimate sativa high. It is a perfect example of what a sativa is supposed to feel like. When older smokers reminisce about how cannabis doesn’t feel like it did back in the 60s and 70s, this is what they are referring to. M2 is an opportunity for younger generations to experience what an exceptional sativa feels like.

Sometimes you want the perfect strain to hike, socialize, talk and laugh. Sometimes you want a creative boost to create art or listen to music. M2 is the ultimate strain for those purposes and it has no anxiety inducing effects. It is one that makes you aware of the warm sun on your face and makes colors more vivid. To this date, I have never smoked another strain that has come close to such a perfect sativa high. This is one strain I know I will have for the rest of my life because of its value to me.

M2 is a cross of four landrace sativas and the original Haze mixed in, which was a mix of landrace sativas bred by the Haze brothers some time ago. The high is clear as a bell but powerful. One of the attributes that makes this landrace cross so unusual is that there is none of the anxiety inducing traits so common to pure sativas. The smell/taste is unique and hard to describe. The best way to describe it is a refreshing lemon type smell.

M2 takes 14 weeks to flower but worth every bit of it. She is a heavy yielder and makes up for the time. The breeder that made this cross said he was regularly getting 8 ounces a plant in 3-gallon pots. Some phenos will be more airy buds typical of landrace sativas and others will have good density. A couple phenos will finish in 11 weeks but I don’t think anything can touch the phenos that take 14 in terms of high.

I originally found M2 from meeting another grower, Greg. He emailed me and we ended up talking on the phone about genetics. He had told me about M2 and said he had been working on it for the last 40 years. Two other well-known breeders (to remain unnamed) approached Greg and asked him if they could release M2 under their brand. Lucky for us, Greg chose Elev8.

As a lifetime career, Greg traveled throughout the world working as a photographer. Over the years, he had opportunities to smoke some sativas that he thought were some of the best in the world. When he found that special landrace, he would collect and keep seeds.

Each time Greg does a cross, he would label the future breeding seed stock for reference. When he felt he had finally perfected it, that seed batch was labeled simply as “M2”.

M2 is technically not a landrace because it is a cross of four landraces. It is a combination of landrace genetics. Because it is so close to its original landrace heritage, it didn’t seem right to give it a commercial sounding name. I decided to just release it as “M2”.

Two friends that I gave samples to both told me that the effect is unlike any other cannabis they have smoked. They said it felt like something else.

Growers Note: M2 is extremely stretchy so growers should plan accordingly. Because it will continue to grow and branch out throughout flowering, veg time is very minimal. It is best to start 12/12 when the plants are still pretty short or as soon as seedlings are able to flower. The most energizing and psychedelic phenotypes don’t show much bud formation until week 10 or so but will pack on weight quickly after that to flower. The shown flowering time varies because clones flower much faster on this strain than plants grown from seed – it will take approx 10 weeks from clone and 12-14 from seed. Does not do well outdoors

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