What payment options do you accept?

  • We accept Visa and Master Card Credit & Debit Cards.
  • For more info please visit our Payment Options Page
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Cryptocurrencies or Western Union at this time.

What is your shipping policy?

  • We ship using USPS priority mail which usually arrives within 2-5 business days.  However, delivery times may vary especially  for reasons such as holidays or intense Covid periods.
  • We ship orders out a minimum of Monday, Wednesday & Friday.  However, we try to ship out orders everyday.
  • Orders placed Monday, Wednesday or Friday evenings will be shipped the the next shipping day.
  • Tracking numbers are automatically emailed once the the package has been packed so you will be able to follow your souvenirs journey to you.
  • Occasionally, orders may not go out for a day. Holidays, presale events, and other rare situations situations occur in which we will be clear to inform you of.
  • Orders received during holidays or holiday weekends will ship the following business day.
  • Presale items will ship once we receive the product and have prepared the orders for shipping. All items are subject to full refund prior to shipping only.
  • Domestic Shipping & Handling fee is $10 USD.  Your order will be sent via a USPS Priority Mail and you will be emailed the tracking number when your order is ready to be shipped.  There is a video below on this page if you’d like to see exactly how your order will be packed.
  • International Shipping & Handling fee is $40 USD – We DO NOT guarantee arrival and DO NOT refund international orders that do not arrive, are confiscated, or are otherwise not delivered for any reason.   Purchase at your own risk.  International orders will take 3-5  weeks to arrive.

Do you ship seeds internationally?

  • Yes, HOWEVER,  WE DO NOT GUARANTEE ARRIVAL and DO NOT REFUND international orders that do not arrive, are confiscated, or are otherwise not delivered for any reason. 
  • Expect international orders to take 3-5  weeks to arrive.  This is how long it has been taking and there is nothing we can do to speed this up.  Average delivery times to every country right now is over 21 days at the moment. Some regions, AU and NZ for example, are taking 35-55+ days to arrive. 
  • We ship using USPS Priority Mail in small flat rate boxes.  Your package will go to a U.S. customs office and be there for 1-2 weeks and look like it’s not moving.  Once your package leaves US Customs, many times tracking will no longer be updated until it’s delivered, it depends on the country.  This means your package will  look like it is sitting in the same location for several days, sometimes even weeks depending on the destination when it is actually in route.   Upon entering the destination country, your package will take 1-2 weeks to clear customs again before it moves on for final delivery.
  • We do not provide any support for international orders beyond putting your package in the mail and providing you a tracking number.  We will not file claims or help track down orders once they are sent. Purchase at your own risk!  Please read that again.  

How soon do you ship after I pay?

  • We pack items every Monday – Friday in the afternoons, if we have received your payment by the time we pack orders that day, it will go out that day.   Orders received during holidays will ship the following business day. Presale items will ship once we receive the product and have prepared the orders for shipping.  Every order will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. 

Do you provide tracking for my order?

  • Yes, once the seeds are shipped you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number.  Please check your junk or spam folder if you do not see it.  If in the event you still can’t find it, email us and we’ll get you the info.

My Tracking Says “In Transit – Arriving Late”, is it lost?

  • This can be a frustrating situation, unfortunately it happens quite often.  We get a fair number of emails asking about this status.  Especially during the holidays, intense Covid-19 periods, or if there is a natural disaster anywhere in the country.  Sometimes it’s just because the package was sorted onto the wrong plane or truck and it has to be rerouted.   Here is what we have learned when this status pops up:
  • Any time a package is not going to arrive by the expected delivery date,  USPS changes the status to “In Transit – Arriving Late”.  
  • Once a package is given the “In Transit, Arriving Late” status, USPS (many times) no longer updates the tracking until it’s delivered.  
  • Usually this leads to a period of several days with no updates, it will look like your package is in the same location for days, when it’s actually en route.
  • This makes this status very frustrating, because it looks like it’s been lost or is not moving until it just shows up unannounced. 
  • Our advice is to hang tight and be patient, it will arrive. We sympathize with your frustration, especially when we try so hard to get them out as fast as possible. 
  • It is very rare that a package does not arrive. Of the last 10,000+ packages we’ve shipped, we can count on 1 hand the packages that were not delivered.

Is your shipping discreet?

  • Your package will be delivered discreetly via USPS.  Your souvenirs are wrapped inside our pretty paper, which is then put into a small flat rate  box.  Box are taped closed for extra security and labeled with a plain black & white, logo-free label. You’ll receive an email with a tracking number so you can follow your order and know exactly when it will arrive.
  • Watch our example packaging video below to see exactly how we prepare your orders.

Adult Novelty Souvenirs?

  • Yes, our seed packs are sold as ADULT NOVELTY SOUVENIRS only.  We do not offer grow advice of any kind.  
  • You acknowledge that you are over 21 and will adhere to your state’s laws.   You release Gaslamp Seeds Collection of any liability or legal problems as we are assuming that you are purchasing these for collection purposes only, nothing more.
  •  Every seed we sell contains less than 0.03% THC, nothing will get you high.

Do you offer returns?

  • Sorry, we do not offer returns once the order is shipped.

Do you offer refunds?

  • You can request a full refund up until your order has been shipped. No refunds or exchanges will be permitted once your seeds are in transit.  Refunds will take 2-3 business days to process.

How are the seeds packaged?

  • All of our seeds come in the original breeder packaging.  We do not open them for any reason.

What if I have an issue with my seeds!

  • Our job is to facilitate transactions between breeders and customers.  The seeds are sold in their original tamper proof packaging, we do not open or disturb them.  Gaslamp Seeds Collection does not replace seeds unless directed to by the breeder.  Issues with your seeds must be handled directly with the breeder.  We can assist with the conversation to fix those issues, which may include replacing seeds, however, it is at the discretion of the breeder not Gaslamp Seeds Collection.  Some breeders choose to replace seeds and some do not.
  • Feel free to ask us for more information regarding specific breeders policies before you purchase to avoid confusion after the fact.  Again, Gaslamp Seeds Collection only replaces seeds at the breeders discretion, our job is only  to get them to you.

My seeds didn’t germinate, will you replace them?

  • Our seeds are sold as novelties and aren’t to be used as anything more.  If you do have a problem, you must contact the breeder directly, we can assist with that conversation.  The breeders decision is final, we do not offer replacements or refunds unless instructed to by the breeder.

It says 1 FREEBIE per order. Can I place 5 different orders at once so I can get 5 freebies, then have you combine the shipping and refund me the difference?

  • No, our policy is that when people do this, we will give you the freebies with each order, but people will still have to pay for the S&H for each order specifically to discourage people from taking advantage of the freebies in this manner. Otherwise, it’s not fair to the people who order multiple packs at once and only receive 1 freebie pack.

Why didn’t I get my FREEBIES!!

  • This happens because there were FREEBIES available when you placed your order.  However, by the time we received your payment the FREEBIES were gone.  To avoid this, please send your payment as soon as possible.